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DD&HSW - "This Is For Real" guitar tab

Intro: A# // Cm // F# / F / A#
Alan’s mum and dad, they brought him up quite well
They taught him how to read and write and how to speak and spell
But now he’s getting older, he’s broken all his toys
They’re sending him on holiday with other naughty boys
But it makes them laugh and the world laughs with them
They never would have guessed he’d get it wrong
I guess we’re making it up as we go along

D –10-/12\-10—8—6—5—3------------------------------
A -----------------------------------4—4—1-----------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------

So Josephine and Shirley were the girls that I liked best
But now I see their lovers are both buried in a chest
Their father built the rockery that hid their little crime
Now Shirley’s doing magazines and daddy’s doing time

But it makes him laugh and the world laughs with him
He never would have guessed she’d get it right
I never would have guessed that she’d turn out so bright
It don’t take a minute and it don’t take long
We’re making it up as we go along
Humming a half remembered song
When we woke up we thought ‘What’s the big deal?’
Then we remembered – This Is For Real

Solo (yes, I worked out the solo! good lord):

e ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G -----------------------------------------------------------12—10—8—10—8—10—
D –8------8—10—8—10------8—10—12—10—8-----------------------------------
A ----10----------------------9-----------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

e ----------------------------------------------------------------------
B –11-----11—13—11—13----------11—13—15—13—11—11—9—11---------
G -----12----------------------------11-------------------------
D --------------------------------13-------------------------------------
A –--------------------------------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------

End Status Quo section: A# // G# / D#

This is for real
This is for real
This is for real
This is for real

Do you remember the time I fell asleep on your floor
You said "If you weren’t a friend I’d have shown you the door
Because you’re not not the sort who’d like to stop a friend from feeling good"
And he's off his silly head
And he knows just what he should
I’ve got a plan and I know where I’m going
It’s just that my knickers are showing
This is for real
This is for real

Written by Georgeson