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(Fanfare) It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally VERY happy to announce the arrival of some of Foz's own art: an unbelievably good South Park rip-off. If it's not really okay for me to have stuck this on my site then would someone come 'round and let me kno-ho-ho-hoh?

Now that the exciting part's over, let's have a look at some miscellaneous gubbins, shall we? All stuff below has been drawn by my fair hand, so I'm afraid you have to brace yourself for some god-awful portraits I drew on my computer when I was bored. Sir. Why not copy them onto your computer, fiddle with them, and send 'em back to me at ""?

Mmmm. A somewhat peturbed expression..

I'm only little... I can't be expected to be an artistic genius on Windows Paintbrush!

(sorry Vess, sorry Prof, sorry IceMan)