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AFTER UNDERWHELMING PUBLIC DEMAND, Miscellaneous is proud to present a veritable cavalcade (well, eleven) of ne'er before seen DD live pics from the days of Spectral Roadie onstage magic madness, supplied by Kindness by messrs Chris and Liam, the Naughtiest Boys In The World. Please enjoy.

Oozing glamour at an in-store gig, erm, somewhere..

Vessel and Professor G. Rimschott looking particularly fine.

The much missed Foz?

Cocky Young 'Un & ICEman prove that Nothing is magic.

Okay, I admit it, I don't understand this picture at all.

Confusing spectral happenings.

Le Colonel and Cocky Young 'Un. Both born performers, naturally.

Cocky goes for the 'intimidating and terrifying' look.