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(Fanfare) It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally VERY happy to announce the arrival of some of Foz's own art: an unbelievably good South Park rip-off. If it's not really okay for me to have stuck this on my site then would someone come 'round and let me kno-ho-ho-hoh?

Now that the exciting part's over, let's have a look at some miscellaneous gubbins, shall we? All stuff below has been callously nicked from elsewhere or drawn by my fair hand.

Ah, the boys. This is Devant as they were in all their glory. A gorgeous old press shot

Now I'm afraid you have to brace yourself for some god-awful portraits I drew on my computer when I was bored. Sir. Why not copy them onto your computer, fiddle with them, and send 'em back to me at ""?

Mmmm. A somewhat peturbed expression..

I'm only little... I can't be expected to be an artistic genius on Windows Paintbrush!

(sorry Vess, sorry Prof, sorry IceMan)

all done by kindness