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David Devant & his Spirit Wife are a veritable smorgasboard of names and faces. Here is a perhaps slightly foolhardy attempt to pin them down to name and function...

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, band mouthpiece, Dangerous Dilettante?, occasionally posessed by spirit of David Devant.

Bassist, backing vocalist, band strategist, lovely in black lipstick. Sudden appearance of rather fetching short, spiky hair.

Professor G. Rimschott
Drummer, backing vocalist, band 'pretty boy', occasional time-traveller.

Huge, looming, scary-looking (temporary?) guitarist who is allegedly the sweetest man on earth. Shady past with Siouxie Sioux...

Live keyboardist. Conspicuous by lack of Devant pseudenym. Alarmingly fresh faced.

Guitarist, no longer active member but we are assured he's still a Devant in spirit. Well, he still wears DD badges on his jacket, which counts for something.

Tall, sexee, 'models-for-Next' type art terrorist. Spectral Roadie partly responsible for DD's amazing live TV art.

Cocky Young 'Un
Seldom-smiling ex-semipro darts player turned Spectral Roadie. Also partly responsible for DD's TV-terrorism extravaganza.

Paints pictures with light on stage. Ageing visual genius.

Jet Boy
Essentially a stand-in for the camera-shy Foz? at a handful of interviews and photo-shoots. Current whereabouts unknown. Can be heard at beginning of 'Lie Detector'. Once admitted to being "The Bez of David Devant."

The Spectrettes
Cigarette-Girl TV-show types who wandered amongst the audience at VERY early DD shows until the band's collective girlfriends 'suggested' that these pre-Spectral Roadie visual accentuators be removed from the Devant experience post-haste.